Welcome to the enigma of La Escondida

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Denomination of Origin

A drink made from cooked, fermented and distilled agave

Made from 100% Espadín agave

Indigenous to Oaxaca, it is one of the most prized Mexican agave varieties

A highly complex distilled beverage

Traditional methods produce earthy, smoky notes on the nose, while its smooth and balanced flavour, robustly absorbed from cooked agave, provides a long finish which is both strong and pleasant



Agave type

Espadín / Agave angustifolia Haw.

Plant age

7-10 years


Oaxaca, Mexico

Product registered as protected
under denomination of origin.


White mezcal / mezcal joven

Alcohol Content


Number of Distillations


Tasting Notes

Honey, pepper, subtle smoke

A legend unlike any other